Rock the Casco

crw_00711Casco Viejo was our destination in the morning prior to our departure for Bocas del Toro.  The $4 dollar cab ride for 4 people took us about 15 minutes from our hotel.  Narrow streets with what appeared to be a non-stop renovation of the area.  The Old City is becoming new again.  It appeared safe during the day with numerous police on foot , on motorcycle and in patrol cars.  At night I’ve read safety might be a question.  Narrow streets with 2 to 3 story buildings with balconies and at the tip of Casco Viejo is French Park memorial to the French builders of the canal.  We meandered through the streets and found Granclement.  A gelato shop owned by a French couple.  We enjoyed  Mango-Passion fruit, Basil-Mint, Guanabana and Blackberry sorbet.

Street Scene

Street Scene

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