Living on a Prayer

Albrook airport, the domestic Panamanian airport is about 20 min cab ride ($5 dollars for two) from Sevilla Suites.  Small airport for flights inside Panama and to Costa Rica.  Luckily we got the largest plane (a Fokker) holds about 40 people (2×20 and no jukebox money).  One hour flight to Bocas.  Take off being in the back of the plane was a bit squirrely, the back end had lots of movement.  The flight was rough in spots as we went up through the cloud cover and down into the cloud cover.  Got an amazing view of the Panama Canal soon after we left Panama City.  A few nice stomach falling sensation drops as we came through the cloud cover.  We got a nice view of the Isla Colon as we approached. 

Isla Colon

Isla Colon

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