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Lips Like Sugar

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Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses

Echo & The Bunnymen


We finished our sailboat tour and decided to buy Dave a birthday present.  Two or three groups formed and we wandered into town trying to stay in the shady areas since we all realized that we actually got more sun then we expected.  My plan was aged rum, ATM and meeting up for a margarita at Hotel Bocas del Toro.  I found a dusty boxed bottle of Crown Royal for $20 and Flor de Cana 18 year for $39.  I grabbed both with the money I had just obtained from the ATM near the Police Station and Lili’s Cafe.  We headed back to the hotel and found Jason Korn, Melissa, Dave, Bates, Katlin and Matt ordering drinks.  We ordered margaritas and chicken fingers and fries.  The watered down margarita was good on a hot day.  The chicken and fries with the sugary ketchup was tasty but after being out on the water in the sun anything was going to taste good. 


 We called Luis and Carlos both cab drivers that are willing to venture to Bluff as they call it.  The other cabbies just look, shake their heads side to side and laugh when Bluff is mentioned.  Price each way 35 to 45 dollars depending on the cabbie’s mood.  Debbie, Bates, Dave and myself headed out with Luis.  The others drank and drank and drank while they waited for Carlos to appear. 

This is the lead into my Lips Like Sugar reference.  Matt whose Spanish was learned on a construction site consists of measurements and probably slang words for women, women’s parts that men like and other parts of the body.

 You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means'”   Inigo Montoya

This story was told to me to tell here.  On the way home Matt attempted to use his specific knowledge of Spanish with Carlos the cabbie.   In the cab with ranchero music blaring and a disco dome light,  Matt leaned forward to Carlos and said something.  Carlos turned with a look of astonishment at Melissa and back to Catlin, Amie and stated “I think he just told me he has a nice mouth.”  At which instantly Amie yells “Squeal like a pig!”  The laughing and stridor ensued. 


Bill McKinney: “Whatcha wanna do with him?”

Herbert Coward as Toothless Man: “He got a real pretty mouth, ain’t he?”

McKinney: “That’s the truth.”

Coward: “…You’re gonna do some prayin’ for me, boy, and you better pray good.”