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Hey hey hey!!!
Yes I like it alot
Hey hey hey!!!
Yes I’m jumping like a jumping jack
Dancing screaming itching squealing fevered
Feeling hot hot hot!!!

The Cure


We decided to have HOT wings from Lili’s Cafe on a HOT day.

Ron Dennis after several of Lili's chicken wings

AY DIOS MIO!!!!!!!!


Hot Wings by Lili's Cafe and Panama Beer by Ron

Hot Wings by Lili's Cafe and Panama Beer by Ron


I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire
I Went Down, Down, Down
And The Flames Went Higher

And It Burns, Burns, Burns
The Ring Of Fire
The Ring Of Fire

Johnny Cash

It’s Raining Again

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Oh, it’s raining again
Oh no, my love’s at an end.
Oh no, it’s raining again
and you know it’s hard to pretend.
Oh no, it’s raining again


The rain came down multiple times early Thursday morning waking me with each rain storm.  I got up in the darkness 630 am.  The  rain settled down as I walked onto the porch and pulled up the screens around the kitchen/bar area and awaited the early arrival of Dave Lloyd.  Catlin and Matt got here Wednesday night in time for dinner.   Ron brought us food from Lili’s Cafe, Caribbean food hummus, spiced chicken, rice and beans and chocolate banana brownies.  Earlier in the week we enjoyed hot chicken wings from Lili’s while we played cards.  I highly recommend Lili’s Cafe.