Everyday is like Rum-day

Trudging slowly over wet sand
Back to the bench where your clothes were stolen
This is the coastal town
That they forgot to close down
Armageddon – come armageddon!
Come, armageddon! come!



Sunday we all were tired and a bit sunburned.  We decided to take it easy and do nothing.  Well not exactly nothing.  I declared that Sunday would be Rum-day.  We had the rum, Coca-cola, Canada Dry and ice (a limited supply) that we quickly ran out of.  Two Rums were drank during our stay.  The first being  Ron Abuelo rum a Panamanian rum and Flor de Cana  from Nicaragua (my personal favorite).  Both are smooth delicious rums.  We tried enjoyed the 5 year black label Flor de Cana and the 7 year Grand Reserve.  Abuelo rums enjoyed were the Anejo, 7 year Anos Reserva and the sipping Abuelo 12 year rum.

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