Red Right Ankle

This is the story of your red right ankle
And how it came to meet your leg
And how the muscle, bone, and sinews tangled
And how the skin was softly shed

And how it whispered “Oh, adhere to me
For we are bound by symmetry
And whatever differences our lives have been
We together make a limb.”
This is the story of your red right ankle.

The Decemberists

February 14 2009 was Dave Lloyd’s 60th birthday, Valentine’s Day and our sailboat trip with Bocas Sailing.  Amie, her boyfriend Jonas and her father “Doc”  all arrived Friday afternoon.  They decided to join us for our sailing voyage on Saturday so we were 11 total.  We had called Luis the cab driver ahead of time to meet us at Bluff Beach Retreat.  We piled in two vehicles, several of us had to ride in the back beds of the full cab pickups.  Driver, front seat passenger, three in back seat and three in the back bed standing or sitting.  We got as far as the edge of town and had to call another taxi so we wouldn’t have any people in the back bed.  We all met up at Bocas Sailing.  Chris, originally from Belgium would be our captain.  We sailed to three snorkeling locations and enjoyed a tasty sub-sandwich under a partly cloudy sky.  I did manage to burn the top of my right foot and ankle.  The sun and vitamin D  was nice.  The water was refreshing and fun was had by all.

One Response to “Red Right Ankle”

  1. Okay, thank god I checked my facebook friends list and saw the website address. Today it the first time I have seen anything of the trip. Nice blog Jason. Love the song list. Having dreams here myself of beaches gone by and why I’m not there with you guys. I’m jealous as hell and longing for tropical sun and even rain. Just anywhere but here. Thanks for sharing all the cool stuff. Love the pictures of the streets and buildings, the jungle, the sloth and the chocolate farm. ‘Fern Gully’ that was funny! Still waiting on the Avacodo Dacq recipe? Hope your adventure continues to be most excellent. Say hello to all. Karen

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